Harley Duffy thought little of his chances to win a competition set by Greenhous Ford of Newtown on their Facebook page. Just like and share they said with the opportunity to enter into a draw to win an experience of flying the world’s fastest zip wire, Velocity, at the Penrhyn Quarry in Gwynedd.

The competition was part of the marketing by Greenhous of the All New Ford Fiesta Active and winner Harley and his Mum, Sara took up the opportunity to fly high above the quarry and lake, taking in the breath-taking scenery of North Wales as they plunged at 100mph along the zip line.

Harley revealed his amazement at winning, and then the difficulty of getting someone to accompany him saying: “I received the phone call from Craig Wall at Greenhous Ford that I had won. I was hugely excited and asked a few people to come with me, but it was short notice and Mum said she would do it. We met Craig at Velocity and we were really well looked after by the staff there.

“We got changed, received a briefing and had some photos taken with the Fiesta Active then we went and got into our harnesses and took the little zip line which is used as a warm up for the real thing! It is still pretty impressive though.”

The smaller zip line passes over the quarry and its blue water in about 30 seconds.  Harley and Sara were then transported by a 16 seater truck on a scenic route to the top of the quarry wall for the main event – Velocity!

The second zip wire provided fabulous views on a hot and sunny day. The pair had to lay on a platform and be strapped in. Then the platform is lowered and, once suspended from the wire, it is a brief wait before being launched out over the abyss.

“The acceleration is tremendous” Harley enthusiastically recalled. “0 to 60 mph in around 7 seconds and achieving a speed of 100mph or more. It was an amazing experience for Mum and I. We loved it.”

Harley had decided to hire a Go Pro helmet camera to record the exciting descent and after a scenic walk back down to the base centre they met up with Craig for more photos with both the new 18 plate Ford Fiesta Active and Harley’s pride and joy, his red 17 plate Ford Fiesta ST. “Before this car I had an 02 plate Ford Focus in gold” he enthused. “My friends know how crazy I am about my cars and I enjoy taking photos of them and posting them on social media where there is a following for car images.

“I want to express our gratitude to Craig and Greenhous Ford for the opportunity to experience a real extreme challenge. We are both thrilled and excited to have done this together and had a great day. I will be looking out for the next Greenhous Ford competition you can be sure!”

Newtown born and bred, Harley works as a production operator for the Newtown based firm Nidec Control Techniques who make electric motor control technology. Harley was in the RAF Cadets in his younger years progressing to the rank of uniformed Flight Sergeant, getting a disciplined and active grounding in service life. It is his ambition to join the RAF and pursue a career with them. He keeps fit with trips to the gym.