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Lee proves to be a ‘high flyer’!

Lee proves to be a ‘high flyer’!
Lee Morgan’s passion for model glider flying can be traced back to his time as a boy watching his grandfather flying them. Those early excursions left an impression in Lee’s mind and he took up glider racing in 2009, and now is a member of the Long Mynd Soaring Association (LMSA). Lee is a sales controller with Greenhous Ford based in Welshpool, where he is pictured with one of his gliders.

Lee started with unbreakable models whilst he was learning the skills of manoeuvring these non-powered aircraft. These are made of foam and are controlled by radio transmissions as are his expensive fibre-glass and carbon fibre models.  As a member of the LMSA, Lee has full public indemnity insurance and it is essential to be trained how to fly these gliders safely as he explains: “These are not powered aircraft. We use a radio transmitter to control the flight making small adjustments to the rudder, flaps and ailerons.  These gliders can attain speeds of 140 to 150mph!

“I am involved in a winter league of what we call F3F racing. We fly our gliders between two bases, making nine turns and covering 1 km distance in as short a time as possible.  It is exhilarating flying the gliders on the side of hills.  I have flown in the Elan valley and around the Clewedog dam as well.”

Lee has a Sting glider (pictured) and a Predator as well as his foam models and a restoration project of a balsa wood P38 Lightning.  For anyone interested in model glide flying the website for the Long Mynd Soaring Association is